Living Energy Smart & Efficient


We are eco-conscious and dedicated to helping improve your quality of life through smart, efficient products.

Every homeowner is ready to invest as much as he or she can in energy saving and efficient products to live a smarter and more efficient life. As a homeowner,  these products will earn you a huge return on your investment (ROI) and provide you with a serene and comfortable living environment. But what might be even more important, these eco-friendly products will make you feel great. That’s because every Eco Experts product is hand picked to assist in safeguarding our ever-cherished mother nature- the environment.

Living a smarter life has never been this easy!

With Eco Experts, you invest almost nothing to live that smarter life. Just follow these tips to reduce your heating and cooling costs, which will ultimately save you more money.

  • Turning up your thermostat to 78 in the warmer months
  • Turning down your thermostat to 68 in the cooler months
  • Keeping your filters changed at regular intervals
  • Having your heating and cooling system inspected in the fall and spring
  • Putting off the lights
  • Unplugging appliances from main sockets when not in use
  • Making sure doors and windows are properly closed

Did you know..?

Are you aware that attics are responsible for the huge heat loss/gain in your homes? An attic is a space found directly below the pitched roof of a house.  According to the Department of Energy, heat loss through the attics accounts for almost 70% of total heat loss in our homes; however, attics also contribute greatly to heat gain in our homes.

Most homes have attics, and this has been the major reason that even some energy conscious homeowners still have to incur high costs to heat or cool their homes.  But now that you have our space age, advanced, energy efficient products, you can reduce your energy bills to the barest minimum.

Your investment in tested and trusted energy conserving technologies is a ticket to you living a smarter and efficient life while making the planet earth greener, cleaner and healthier for the soon-to-come generations.

All Eco Experts products are eco-friendly; durable, environmentally safe and reasonably priced.  All our products are manufactured and assembled in the US; they’ve been proven to be the best energy efficient brands that are capable of helping you to prudently spend your hard earned money.

Our environment is our most cherished asset.   GO GREEN…. CONSERVE IT.

You too can make a whole lot of difference.