Our Company

Eco Experts Corporation is focused on providing cost effective energy saving solutions for residential home owners. We conduct free site assessments before proceeding with the system recommendations for our clients. Eco Experts also offers seminars on energy conserving systems, products, rebates and available federal and state incentives.  Eco Experts builds on technical expertise in supplying energy efficient solutions and energy saving products.

Our Company
  • * According to a report by the Lawrence Livermore National Academy and the Department of Energy, not more than 40% of homes in the United States are considered energy efficient.


We enable individuals to be part of creating a sustainable world. Our products and services help to conserve and use energy efficiently. We seek to inspire, educate, and assist our customers in achieving their goals of comfort, cost stability, and energy independence.


The concept of Eco Experts was formed in 2005 when Patrick Daniel, an experienced project manager, and Scott Colgan, a veteran in the field of energy deregulation first met. In 2012, Patrick and Scott realized a critical fault in the energy efficient industry as a whole. The companies surrounding them were all offering a “one size fits all” solution, steered in the direction of one main product, regardless of their customers’ lifestyle or home construct.

Patrick and Scott understood that every home, and person’s life style is unique. Therefore, there is no one size fits all solution.

As a result, the pair dedicated themselves in building a company that offers home owners multiple, cost effective, energy saving solutions. They realized the only way to truly offer an effective solution, was understand each individuals habits, lifestyle, and home construct. From there, they could offer a combination of products that would achieve total ecology, comfort and efficiency for any home. Thus, the concept of ECO EXPERTS was born.

In 2016, Patrick and Scott realized one of their personal goals and incorporated ECO EXPERTS INC. A full service, custom solution to energy efficiency.