Eco Kool

Eco Kool
Synthetically engineered refrigerant enhancer


EcoKool liquid is added to the refrigerant of an existing air-conditioner or refrigeration system. EcoKool is a synthetic engineered product that can achieve at least 15% or more energy savings on water-cooled systems. After EcoKool is added, you should feel the difference instantly, and for the same energy, have greater cooling. As a synthetic component, EcoKool is guaranteed to cause no damage on the cooling system. Rather, it can extend the life of the system and, at the same time, reduce regular maintenance due to less run time. ECOKOOL IS INTALLED BY EPA CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS Our associates supply the correct amount of fluid for small to very large systems, EcoKool is compatible with all common refrigerants including R-22, R134a, r-410a, and R-407.


Most utility companies recommend you to set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher, and for every degree below that setting you’ll use approximately 3-5% more electricity. It only makes sense that for every degree colder air you experience out of your supply vents due to the EcoKool treatment, you could receive approximately 3-5% energy savings. For instance, with a reduction of the supply air temperature of 4 degrees, you may experience your A/C energy costs reduced by up to 12-20%. Oil fouling of the heat transfer surfaces of your air conditioning and refrigeration systems will cause a loss about 7% efficiency the first year, 5% the second year and 2% per year the following years. (per 1998 ASHRAE Handbook, Refrigeration, Chap. 2.9). Usually the efficiency degradation will peak between 20% & 30%.


“We began validating the savings of Ecokool in one of our homes in Mesa, Arizona. The installation of Ecokool by the Eco Expert was professional and seamless to our daily operations. Our energy bills have been reduced by the treatment of Ecokool in both kWhusage and peak demand usage. We have subsequently referred our families and neighbors to the use of Ecokool. Of the many energy savings and renewable energy projects we have embarked upon, Ecokool has proven itself to be a solid return on our investment with simple paybacks occurring in less than one year. If you are considering Ecokool installation, we have seen your round savings.”

– Mitch Johanson, AZ


Oil fouling attaches to the copper coil wall impeding heat transfer and reducing efficiency.


EcoKool molecules displace oil foul molecules facilitating improved heat transfer efficiency and cooling.  


Out of all the attainable features, below are the Key Features:
  • Stable, non-corrosive liquid added to the refrigerant of a cooling system

  • Reduces A/C energy consumption and increases cooling capacity

  • Evaporates refrigerant at a higher temp, thus taking more heat out of the air, making colder air come out of the supply vents

  • Works with all common refrigerants

  • Easily installs in an existing system

  • Improves transfer of heat coils

  • Delivers colder vent air

  • Removes oil fouling

  • Nationwide support