Kool Blanket

The most advanced reflective insulation on the planet


Kool Blanket is a multi-layer insulation. This technology was initially created by NASA, and is used to protect their astronauts and equipment. It is now recognized as one of the most advanced and effective insulation products available for homes and offices. Kool Blanket is composed of two outer layers made of 99.9% pure aluminum and a special formulated middle core layer. The outer layers, being made of 99.9% pure aluminum, must reflect 97% of all radiant heat, this is a scientific law. Also, because of its two-sided design, it is completely unaffected from dust accumulation over time. The middle core layer is designed to create air pockets between the reflective outer layers. These air pockets resist air currents that are responsible for convection heat transfer. Both outer-layers are manufactured with microscopic perforations. These perforations completely disperse any moisture build-up that could accumulate over time, so it doesn’t act as a vapor barrier. This is very important in preventing mold and condensation problems


Nearly all homes have problem areas where comfort is compromised. Typical problem areas include rooms that are adjacent to unconditioned space, such an attic or rooms over crawl spaces or basements. Eco Guard will correct these problems by blocking heat gain and loss.

Kool Blanket vs. Traditional Insulation

The Multi-layer insulation technology acts a thermal barrier against heat loss and heat gain. In most buildings, Eco Guard is the most practical and effective method to keep structures cool in the summer months and warm during the winter months. Properly installed, Eco Guard will result in substantial year-round savings.


  • Solar Heat Blocking

    Eco Guard incorporates polished 99.9% aluminum facing that blocks 97% of all radiant heat from entering the home through the attic.

  • Heat Retention

    In colder months, our reflective insulation is just as effective in preventing hot air from escaping through the ceiling. Instead, the heat rises and is reflected back down, dispersing evenly throughout the home.

  • Comfort Zone

    Make your home a comfort zone by eliminating hot and cold spots with Eco Guard. Save money on energy bills while keeping the thermostat at a comfortable level.

What the Experts are Saying

”At least 25% and up to 50% in energy savings can be realized immediately depending on the climate, building configuration, family size, and lifestyle.” – The U.S. Department of Energy

“Reflective insulation is most effective at reducing cooling bills in hot, sunny climates. However, they can help reduce your heating bills as well.” – Energy Star

“When reflective insulation is placed on the attic floor, the heat radiated from the hot roof is reflected back toward the roof, thereby reducing the amount of heat that moves into the rooms below the ceiling.” – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

“I can assure you that this technology will save you money and work in your home, just as it did in your spacecraft and space suits.” – Walter Cunningham Apollo 7 Astronaut/NASA Engineer